Kamdev Mantra

Humans have been fighting with each other for along period of time. Because of these fights there has been considerable amount of loss of human lives. But amidst these fights and war there is one thing that has bonded all the human beings on this planet and that is love. In Hindu mythology there is a god called Kamdev which is famously known as the god of love and attraction. There is a Kamdev mantra for love for people finding love in their lives and also a Kamdev mantra for attraction.

Love is the only feeling in the world which is selfless and is not bounded by any kind of laws. If you love someone you do it with all your heart and if you don’t then you don’t do it at all. There are very few lucky people in the world who can find their true love and the perfect match that they were looking for. There are some people who finds the love of their life but their love does not get reciprocated from the other side. It is a very difficult situation to deal with as you are loving someone with all your heart but that love is not returned back. It is a devastating situation to be in for anyone.

But there are certain ways in which you achieve the love of someone you do not love you back. As discussed above about the Hindu mythology there is a god called Kamdev who is known as the god of love and sex. It is believed that if you worship Kamdev than you can achieve the love of the one you love. All you have to do is recite the Kamdev mantra for love. It is said that if you chant this mantra with intense dedication and faith then love will definitely come in your life.

Love has many aspects to it but the two main discussed aspects are the emotional part and the physical attraction part. It is very natural that if you love someone than you are bound to get attracted to them in both the ways emotionally physically. If you are stuck in a situation where you are intensely and physically attracted to someone and wants to be with them but somehow you can’t, in this case you should go for the Kamdev mantra for attraction. If you recite this mantra with all the dedication and faith then you will surely get positive results from it.

These Kamdev mantra have helped many people and also saved a lot of marriages that would have been over because of the absence of love but when you keep faith in Kamdev then good things will happen with you. There are many people who are living a loveless life and are alone and do not have the love of the special one, for these people Kamdev mantra for love is a blessing.

Also, there are many people who are married but are unable to consummate their marriages and because of that are not happy. For these people Kamdev mantra for attraction is the key to their happiness.