Voodoo Doll Binding Spell Caster

Love has existed since the days of mankind and it is the very purpose of living. Thus, love is very precious. Pure love again is priceless since it is full of affection, unconditional and lasts forever. People in love go out of the way to please you. They can do anything for you. There are times when we like and love a person who does not reciprocate. Then, you tend to live in perpetual sorrow even to the extent that you dislike your existence. In order to spare yourself from this melancholy situation you can turn to help in hand.

Voodoo Doll Binding Spell Caster

You can use Voodoo art to cast spells in order to control the person you most desire. Voodoo uses unique rituals of making a doll that represents the person of interest. People use this doll for influencing the lover and speaking to the person. Thus, by practising Voodoo doll binding spell, the caster makes the person love him/her. Today, this method is popularly used in the West although it originated from ancient Indian times. There is evidence of Voodoo doll binding in Vedic texts.

Caution of Voodoo cult:

Always use this Voodoo doll binding spell cast on the same person you genuinely love forever. You must not use this ritual to hurt someone or influence someone for your wrong needs. Then, the procedure causes harm and negative effects.

Voodoo dolls or photos:

You can use Voodoo dolls or photos for casting the spell. Make a doll using wax, clay or even sewn bits of cloth. Try to use the unwashed T-shirt of the person whose doll you are interested in making. Also, use his/her hair to stick on the doll’s head. Always make the doll instead of buying from the shop for best effects.

Performing the Spell:

Voodoo Doll Binding Spell Caster

On the day after the new moon of every month, perform the spell for the highest impact.

You require the following:

  • The doll or photo to represent your partner.
  • Something from the partner – lock of hair, piece of cloth, and likewise.
  • 1 meter of each ribbon having colours of red, black and white.
  • Paper
  • Red pen or marker
  • White candle.

Collect all the required items. Light up the white candle and start your spell. Wrap the doll or photo with the three pieces of ribbons connecting them at the ends. While doing so, loudly say “Ribbons bind and entwine. Your heart will be linked to mine.” Write your name and your partner’s name on the piece of paper. Set the doll or photo on the paper. Leave it like that for 24 hours. On the next day, gently rub the photo or doll and say out loud – “For you I yearn and for me your heart burns.”

Things to remember:

Tie the doll and the paper. Gently heat them together over the candle carefully such as not to burn anything. Just show the puppet over the candle to heat it up and give life. Save the puppet in a safe place where no one can see it. Ensure your partner does not know of this. If he discovers, the spell will break.

Reap your rewards:

Soon after you do this, you would notice your partner is showing an extra attention and love towards you. He/She would contact you right away and spend more time with you to keep you happy.


The article seems easy enough to perform Voodoo doll binding spell casting independently. However, for best effective results, it is advisable to consult the expert caster who can guide you. Sometimes, people do not get results to their liking because of Horoscope issues and planetary movements. Had they been under the guidance of an expert, they would have had better results.

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