Slavery Spells to Make Someone be Slave for You

Spells of Slavery

aining power and righteousness will always be on everyone’s wishlist. Therefore, why not learn the perfect way to make someone obey all your orders? Slavery spells will allow you to perform all of that in no time, and then you will finally obtain your inner satisfaction. But one thing to keep in mind, these spells can go horribly wrong, so make sure you have enough defensive spells on your side for protection.

Various Slavery Spell Rituals

  • Making your husband, your slave

Is your husband not giving much importance to you? Then it’s time to teach him a lesson. You can make your husband pay heed to every word you say by just following some easy rituals. You can take a dirty, uncleaned shirt of his, and put the collar on fire with a church candle along saying the spell until the collar is fully burnt.

If you want to solve all quarrels and arguments with your wife, it’s time to take her shirt and tie the sleeves with a knot along saying a spell here as well.

There’s also another way where you can make your husband listen to you only – by making your hair braided and keeping it for 3 days, after which you untwist the braid at 3 o’clock in the morning while saying your spell. You can also grasp your husband within your will by saying the slavery spell on the water and adding to his drink.

  • Making your loved one, your slave

To make an affair to your loved one, simply just tie a long rope around your waist and tie 12 knots in it and then perform your spell. Your loved one will easily fall in love with you.

You can also use a thing that you want to give to your loved one, cast the slavery spell on it and voila, you’re done.

  • Making a man your slave, by using your blood

Rituals using blood are the strongest rituals. You can use a red candle, along with a piece of sugar and drop your blood on it while saying your spell. You can also make 3 drops of your blood in red wine while performing your spell.

But sometimes communication with the man may be distant, and that’s where you can use this spell – on a full moon day take a flower that is growing in your house for a long time, tear off a leaf, and using the candle burn it to ashes and perform the slavery spell. Then use the photo of the grown man, focusing on it draws a line through the photo from the genitals to head while repeating the spell. Then keep the photo in the same bowl as the ashes, which will be later buried along with the ashes in a flower pot.


Therefore, we can easily see how easily we can make a person, or a loved one, our own slave and obey all our orders. This method is perfectly useful to show your power and confidence. Blood type rituals will always be the best in anything you perform, and thus is the most popular one. Now we hope to see some ritual tricks from you by using this in-depth guide.

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