Love Spells Using Personal Items


Love spells using personal items are the best method for attracting love or improving your existing relationship. Generally, these spells are categorised as White Magic Love Spells and Black Magic Love Spells. White Magic Love Spells include positive energies such as in Wiccan spells.While, Black magic love spells include negative energies such as in Voodoo spells.

Comparing the two kinds of Magic Spells:

Since White Magic love spells use only positive energies, these have no harmful side effects on anyone. However, the spell has to be conducted carefully and correctly. Black Magic love spells use negative energy and can cause harm to the caster and doer. Black Magic should be done sitting face to face in front of the caster. There should be no mistake since any flaw can cause backfire to the caster or doer. Sometimes, black magic can even punish with death. Some of the love spells works best with some personal items of the individual of interest. These personal belongings include hair, blood, clothes, diary, glasses, watch and others. Apparently, the love spells become more powerful and effective using your own or your lover’s personal items.

Using personal items to attract someone:

On a new moon night, at midnight, perform the spell near a free flowing stream of water. Take the names of the love Gods and invoke them. Tell them your true intention of this spell. Place a black candle and a white candle. Put your lover’s personal item between the two candles. First light the black candle. Say, “I wish for you to remove any obstacle that is coming between me and my lover.” Visualise all negative energies evaporating into the air and leaving. Light the white candle. Say, “I want you to bring us closer together so that we can live happily forever more.” Imagine there is pure white light surrounding you and your lover. Use a small bottle to put all your lover’s personal items. Place some fresh Lavender in your hands and think of you and your lover having fun together. Fill fresh Lavender to the brim of the bottle and close it. Place the bottle between the black and white candles. While seeing the flames, think about how you wish your relationship to be. Ensure you keep the bottle close to you until what you imagined becomes a reality.

Using hair for spells:

Since hair is part of the body, it is considered the most powerful tool in love spells. During sunset, light a red candle and make a braid with five strands of your lover’s hair. Place the braid on a plate and light the hair. While the hair burns, ask the power of the universe to answer your prayers. After the hair is completely burned, take the ashes and keep them in your hand. Allow the wind to take away the ashes from your hand. Think that the ashes are returning to the universe so that your wish is going to be fulfilled.


This article shows how your lover’s personal items can work positively and powerfully during love spells. You can use lover’s blood or unwashed clothes for making Voodoo dolls. All items can be used as powerful love spell tools.

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