Aghori Tantrik in India


One of the things that can leave people blushing is the mention of tantra in the conversations. It can make people imagine steamy scenes from the Kama Sutra. But most often it is misunderstood, and since it is of an intimate nature, the women who visit Tantric practitioners are sexually abused.

So what is tantra and what are its benefits?

The ancient practice of tantra dates back to 5,000 years and it combines mantras, yoga, meditation, ritual etc., with the intention to prolong the lovemaking process and also discover deeper meaningful connections and tenderness with not only your lover, but also with yourself. It also includes all of your other relationships as well. It is not an easy process and can take years even to fully understand the intricacies of this practice. It also involves dedicating time with a guru in order to understand and study sexual energy and also how it can be used in order to achieve the higher level of consciousness.

Accepting the natural human desires can lead to positive and life altering experiences and it can benefit you a lot not only in the bedroom but beyond that. It is not restricted to couples only but for anyone who wants to live a life which is more uncomplicated and complete which also includes family, career and of course their sexual desires.

So now what you have to do?

Now you need to find best tantric. Tantra is basically a connection to bring the wholeness and richness into the routine life. With the practice of tantra, every tantric can abandon shame, guilt,taboo and judgment around sex. This also includes the sexuality of an individual.

Sounds pretty good. Can it go wrong?

The way tantra is taught is quite intimate and it implies that more often these sessions take place in private between a student and a guru. These can go over for a long period of time. As a result, the relationships that cultivate between the student and the guru become risky for the student particularly if they are new to tantra. In case they could be easily manipulated or have previously suffered from an abuse. The odds of physical, sexual, spiritual, and emotional abuse are far higher than they should be.

How to find the best tantric?

In order to find best tantric teacher or a guru who you can trust, is one such teacher who tells you to do the work on your own and they are merely there to facilitate. Look for the below mentioned factors when you find a good teacher:

  • Always do your research on a potential instructor
  • Try out a variety of instructors and see who resonates with you
  • Chat to the teacher beforehand

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