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You belong to a family and every member is dear to you.You want your family members to be always happy and prospering in life. Hence, you want to protect them from evil spirit and others who might cause harm. There are several powerful family protection spells that you may wish to use. The method for family protection spells are easy to learn and use at home. Here we have discussed a few of those methods for Family protection spells.

Method 1 – Family protection spell:

protection spells

It is unique and powerful magic spell for protecting all family members.

You require the following:

  • A Bee’swax candle
  • One fresh leaf (from any plant) for each member of the family
  • One straight pin for each leaf
  • A small bowl of spring water

Light the candle. Place the leaves in the bowl of water and allow them to soak. Chant the following words: “As the circle of life springs forth from the Earth and returns to be born once again, so let the circle of life surround this family.” One at a time, remove a leaf from the water. Roll it up and stick a pin through it to keep it rolled. While inserting each pin, repeat the following:  “Enter (name of a family member) into the circle.” Continue repeating the process till all leaves have been used and all family members have been accounted for or named. Place the rolled up leaves around the base of the candle in a circular form. When there are only two members, place both leaves on the right side of the candle. Chant as follows: “Protect this family”. Immediately douse the candle and leave the leaves till the candle has cooled. Eventually, place one of the leaves under each of the family member’s bed.

Method 2 – Family protection spell:

You require the following:

  • White candle
  • Protection incense
  • Photograph(s) of your loved ones

Light the incense and place the candle on top of the photographsand light it. Imagine a protective white light surrounding your loved ones. Chant as follows: “O Goddess, protect my loved ones every day, as they sleep and as they play.Help them to always smile bright and keep them safe in your loving light.Protect them from harm and from all they fear for they are the ones that I hold dear. I thank the Goddess for helping me. I trust in her aid. So mote it is!” Allow the candle and incense burn down.


The above article shows two simple methods you can easily use at home as Family protection spells. Once you have cast these spells you and your family members would be at peace. You would believe there is higher better spirits who take the responsibility of protecting the family.

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