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Videos: Every effort has been made to ensure that what we offer at the Holy Feet of our Beloved Satguru is worthy of the present.

The Videos are almost entirely animation based and use the latest 3D technology for best possible visual impact. Each animation is completed after a lot of research and preparation. The videos have been compiled in a very professional manner with the exclusive use of broadcast quality equipment throughout the entire process. SONY HD professional cameras have been used to do all the live shooting. The Editing has been done on highend Non-linear system, DPS Velocity for professional results.

Audio: The Audio has been processed entirely digitally (Non-linear) thus preventing any possibility of a generation-loss altogether. Whereever possible, direct audio input from the Non-linear system has been used instead of the one available with the Video stream on the Sony DV/Betacam cassettes in order to avoid generation-loss during transfers. For example, for the prepartion of VCDs and Internet Video files the audio available along with the Video stream has not been used. Instead, direct audio from its original Non-linear source has been added and lip-synced with the Video stream to give an exceptional quality far exceeding the general video CD standards.

Feedback: We would greatly appreciate if you give us feedback on any technical aspect of the Videos as this would be a very constructive input for our forthcoming ventures and would be most gratefully accepted.

Videos on Internet: On our latest website 300 Saal Guru De Naal, our videos are available in the popular Flash Format like on Videos on this website are mostly in the Windows Media format. This format is convenient for playing downloaded videos, as the software needed to play, the Windows Media Player is available on most of the computers. We strongly encourage everyone to download the videos so that you may enjoy when not connected and can easily share if you want.

Videos are present in two sizes as is written alongside each clip - 300K (300 KiloBytes per second - a high bandwidth) and 100K (low bandwidth).

Older Videos: Some old videos are still in Realmedia format. For these Real Media files, you can download the software - RealPlayer form our site or from the RealNetwork's website (download version 6 or higher). We are working towards uploading these remaining videos as well in the newer formats.



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