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  E C A R D S:

Send Video Ecards in Loving Rememberance of Mata Gujri Ji
& Beloved Sahibzadey of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji who
embraced Martyrdom nearly 300 years ago

Video eCard1
Lallan Nu Deewaar Puchhe Tusi Kis Amadi de Jaye, Dhan hai O Pita Jisne
Nian Vich Put Chinvaye

- eCard on
Martyrdom of Chhote Sahibzade

Video eCard2
Guru De Premi Nahin Kafana Nu
Lodade, Eda hi Rumala Ede Muh Ute
Mod De

- Soul-Stirring eCard on how
Dasmesh Pita ask Bhai Dya Singh to
not care for Martyred
Sahibzada Jujhar Singh.

Video eCard3
... Ho Gaya Shaheed Lakhan Vairian
nu Maar Ke

- eCard on Martyrdom
of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji who alone
killed Innumerable Enemy Soldiers.

Video eCard4
Vairian nu Soorma Ajit Lalkarda -
eCard on How Bravely
Sahebzadaa Ajit Singh Ji fought

Video eCard5
Kallaa Sahebzada nahin Hazaraan kolo Haarda
- Another eCard on
How Invincible
Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji was.
V I D E O S:

Watch Two Soul-Stirring Videos on younger and Elder Sahibzadey - “Sirhind Dian Gallaan, Chamkaur Dian Gallaan”
Volume 1 is Available Here and Volume 2 here.

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