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Solving Problem with Playing Videos:

If you are not able to watch the Videos, please go through these easy instructions to solve your problem.

General Suggestion for all Users:

1. Try using the "download" option:

For giving you the best quality Video, we have put Videos only at medium and high quality in bandwidths of 100K (100 Kbps) and 300K (300 Kbps). If your videos stops frequently when playing, your connection speed may be slow. This may be specially true for users in India. You should try downloading the video on your computer. Link has been given with each clip to download as shown in the picture above. You need to right-click this link and choose "save target as". Once whole clip has downloaded, you can double click the downloaded file and it will play without interruptions because it is no longer using a live connection to internet.

2. Having the right Video Player:
Most of our Videos are now in Windows Media Format. Windows Media player comes pre-installed on all Windows machines. You may also download it here (we recommend downloading version 9). Mac users please see below for the Mac version of windows media player.

3. Try opening in new Window:
We have configured most of the Videos to play in separate player window. But for some videos and also for Video Greeting Cards and Video Presents which you may have received from your friends/relatives, video is configured to play inside the browser. In such cases if you are facing any problem you may click on the "Launch an External Player" link to see videos in standalone player's window.

Note for Firefox Users:

We have not seen any issues with Firefox 1.0 onwards but if the video is not playing inside the browser window, you may try clicking the "Launch an External Player".

Note for Netscape Users:

If you are using Netscape you would need to install "this Netscape plugin" to play videos inside Browser window. It has been released by Microsoft for Netscape Browsers and is also available on the Microsoft website.

Note for Mac Users:

Mac users need to install the Windows Media Player available at the Microsoft Website to view the Videos. This installs a plugin so the videos will start playing inside Quicktime. You may also install a standalone windows media player for mac if you want.

Real Player Videos:

As of now, there are 5 Video titles still in Real Player format. They are:

- Waho Waho Bani Nirankar Hai
- Dasan Das Raen Dasan Ki
- Pancham Pita Tavi Te Baithe (though superceded by "Bhane Jwas Hor Daat Nahi")
- Sunho Loka Main Prem Ras Paya
- Teg Bahadur Simriey - 1

To watch these, you need the Real Player. Here are some Helpful tips for playing Real Player files:

1. First Make Sure you have installed the Realplayer on your computer. You may download the RealPlayer from our site It is for Windows PC, or you may download any version you want from RealNetworks website. At this site choose the version as Realplayer G2 or higher i.e. Realplayer 10, or RealOne, or RealPlayer 8 etc in the section for your OS.

Please note that you do not need the above step if you already have Realplayer software installed. You may easily check this by playing this sample real player clip.

2. You may try launching the standalone player. For this you simply need to click on the link marked as "launch external player" on every SikhVideos player window. This will launch standalone window for the Realplayer software and the Video will play in a window outside of Browser's window. This can solve the problem for some browsers which have problem in running video inside the Browser window itself.

3. If you get the error - "Requested file not found. The link you followed may be outdated or inaccurate ...", please do inform us immediately telling us the title of the Video you were trying to watch and we would fix the problem immediately.

4. If none of the above works we request you to write to us. We cannot afford anyone to miss the Videos as that defeats the whole purpose and hard word of putting them online. We try to resolve each individual problem on a very high priority.

It would greatly help us if you please mention i) the Video you tried to watch, ii) name and version of browser, and iii) the Operating System of your computer.

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Following are answers to specific Real Media Player related questions:

Q. How do I watch videos?
A. All you need to have is that Realplayer software should be installed on your computer. You may download it from RealNetworks website. At this site choose the "desired Player version" as Realplayer G2 or higher (Realplayer 7 Basic, or Realplayer 8 Basic). Enter other fields i.e. "OS Platform", "processor type", "connection speed" as applicable to your computer.
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Q. Launching the RealPlayer as a standalone application
A. You can launch the RealPlayer as a standalone application that will 'float' above your web browser. To launch the standalone realplayer, simply click on the link Launch External Player which is under the Video screen on the SikhVideos player.
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Q. I received a "connection to the server failed", "could not connect to the server", or something similar.
A. Please check if you are connected to internet or not. You may do so by trying to browse other famous websites like and doing a refresh (pressing ctrl-R) on reaching the site (refresh is done to ensure that the browser is not showing the old copy of web page from your computer without actually visiting the site). If you are able to visit other websites, but keep getting the above errors, please write to us. We look into such problems at a very high priority and on an urgent basis.
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Q. Every time I try to open a video, it says "Requested file not found etc."
A. Please write to us if you ever get such an error, informing us the title of the video you were trying to access. This would most likely be an error on our side and we would fix the problem immediately.
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Q. How do I improve the video image?
A. There are a number of things that you can do.
1) Set your monitor to 16-bit (thousands) or 24-bit (millions) color.
2) Close unnecessary applications on your computer.
3) Make sure the View->Zoom value is set to "Original Size".
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Q. My school or office has a firewall. How do I configure my Real Media Player so I can watch videos behind the firewall?
A. RealNetworks has detailed instructions for firewall configureation for each version of their players. Follow this link for more instructions:
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Q. Real player does not embed in Netscape (if you have a similar problem with other browsers, go to the real player support link).
1. Start Netscape Communicator
2. Click Edit and choose Preferences
3. Double-click Navigator to expand the list
4. Select Applications
5. Scroll to see if the RealPlay File type is listed. If the file type is listed, select it and click the Edit button. If the file type is not listed, click the New Type button>
6. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields: Description of Type RealVideo File Extension .rpm MIME Type audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
7. For the Application to use, click the Browse button and locate the Realplay.exe program (default location is C:\Program Files\Real\Realplayer)
8. Click OK
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