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Some Feedbacks Received
We receive thousands of emails every year from all parts of the world and from people of all religions. Here is a short selection of some of the selected feedbacks.

My name is Tanraj Singh Samra; I've been on the path to finding god since the age of 4. I've had 2 Darshans in my life of 22yrs of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, like all my other Darshans or visions they happen after I finish my Naam Jaap after 1a.m. every morning while sleeping, laying on my right-side.

I've climbed my Ru up several Khands but I haven't achieved the final darshan of Sach Khand to achieve Vidiya as I wait outside the city's gates.

Listening to the commentary of your videos, I feel like I'm already there, I've met many Sants but I would never tell them of my life experiences. But I am strongly compelled and eager to be educated by the Baba Partap Singh Ji Jaspal.

I strongly believe I will never achieve the final darshan on my own accord, but via the grace of the true guru.

... I await for your reply, please don't ignore this email, I am willing to travel across the world at the instance of Baba Ji's Hukam.

I am eager to be educated by him because intense vibration is coming off Ru/ Soul at the sound of his voice. And my third eye (chakra between the eye brows) is in focus, ready to take my soul out of my body... to sit in Samadhi.

I see truth in him; I see a being blessed with Vidiya.

I await your hukam, Thank you.

- Tanraj Samra, UK

I first came across this video on Sikh Channel, SKY 840 UK. It is the most rewarding video and would like to say that it is priceless. It is so humble to listen to and the meanings are explained in very clear and consise manner. I would like to purchase a DVD if it is available, and would like to say well done to the person/persons behind this and would expect to see more in this format. Not only is it easy to understand by adults whose punjabi
is limited, but for the children as well. The kritan jatta are excellent and last but not
least Brig Pratap Singh who makes it so easy to understand and without his work and effort, I think we would all be missing alot.

Once again thank you very much for this and please, please do release this for sale and other DVDs on your website.

- Ranjit Bahra (Miss), UK

Dear Brig. Partap Singh Jaspal Ji

I am very happy and feel privileged that we have such Gursikhs like yourself in our community - who are TOTALLY dedicated and committed to the spread of Sikh religion in a very practical and reachable way. You have made it easy for children and adults alike to understand Sikhism without too much difficulty in trying to understand deep rooted meaning of some Punjabi words. You have put the whole experience of Sikhi in a very practical way which is easy to understand and remember by watching the videos and the commentary of the saakhi's that you have given/provided.

Please let me know as to what you are currently doing to further the cause of Sikhi. I mean what projects are currently underway and how this experience can be further put into every Sikh home around the whole globe so that they too can benefit from your hard work.

- Kulvinder Singh Johal, UK

Guru Nanak Daata Baksh Lai Mission is a great mission. I came to know about this mission about 5 years ago approx. when I suddenly watch its video on TV. Since then I have been very eager always to watch it whenever I get chance. I am 26 years old married amritdhari girl from Chandigarh. Now living in UK with husband as part of his job. Now I watch videos etc related to this mission on internet at home. The Sakhis related to our Gurus that are being told by Brig. Pratap Singh Jaspal (Retd) Ji with the reference of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj and Baba Narinder Singh Ji lay very deep impression on viewers who are eager to walk on the path, that was followed by the above Mahanpurush to attain the eternal Bakhshish of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Sahib. I am very greatful to all the members of this mission. They are very lucky to receive full blessings of Guru Sahibs.
I beg them to pray for the people like us, so that we may also get a glimpses of that Bakhshish. Forgive me if I wrote something wrong.
- Tejinder, UK
“You are doing a great service to the community. Keep it up.” - Joginder Singh, IPS Retd. Former Director, CBI, INDIA Tusi Dhan Ho Jo Sikhan Layi Ena Kujh Keeta” - Harpal Singh Sekhon, INDIA

Sat Shri Akaal

Very-very thanks to all of you. All of you are doing a very great work. I am very grateful to this site for making Sikhism famous in whole world and I hope the blessings of Guru Ji shall always shower on this site. - Harjit

Respected Site Managers
Sat Sri Akal,
This site is really informative - a very beautiful site giving great information regarding Sikhism in a very simple and elegant manner.

Hope your effort will prove successful and the message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji will reach the hearts of every people whosoever reads this.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

- Gurpreet Singh

“Though I have been reading the books and watching VCDs produced by Guru Nanak Data Baksh Lai Baba Nanak Baksh Lai Mission, I saw the updated site today and I must confess that it is not one of the best but the best of all that I have seen to keep a layman spell bound and reflecting on ones life and ones deeds. The only way to reach the divine is the KUTTA MARG which babaji has blessed us with and me - a kafir - cannot even try to follow this. Please accept my apology for anything that I may have written.

My salutes to the mission.” - Amarjeet Kaur, MALAWI, South Africa.

“I dont have words as it is a very spiritual job for making people understand that only God is truth and rest all are fake things. Keep on doing measures so that people can come out of vagueness.” - subhash, INDIA
“Thanks to you so much. I am so happy to find this site. I reside in US but I don’t have any Gurudwara near me. I used to miss it so much but by going on this site I was so happy that I started crying. I would really appreciate if you add more shabads to your site. The photo you have on your site of Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib is there in Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib in New Delhi, India. He is my
Some Feedbacks Received for Websites
almighty. My e-mail address is also on his name.” - Manvinder, USA
“Dear Guru Nanak Daata Baksh Lai Mission, I am writing to you from Australia. Firstly may I say a big thank you to you for such a beautiful website. It is a gift to the world.
I am a newcomer to Sikhism and have just started visiting my Gurdwara in Melbourne... I just wanted to say that it would be wonderful if the videos and the other materials were also in English. I am finding that I love the Sikh religion and dearly want to embrace it with my full heart.
I love watching your videos. I particularly loved watching Brig. Partap Singh Ji Jaspal speak in the video series “Yug Yug Satgur Dhare Avtaree”. May God bless you and thank you. Best wishes.”- Alan Finch, Australia
“Respected Brig. Sahib Ji,

Sat Sri Akal.

I join my family in praying to Waheguru Ji to bless you and your team with his choicest blessings for providing Sikh Sangat with Gurbani Kirtan and Gurbani Vichar.
The use of latest technology in spreading Gurbani across the world is a great achievement.
Sikhs are not only grateful to you and your associates but will always remain indebted to you for this great work.
Kind Regards.” - Rajeev Singh Walia and Family
“Revered Brig. P. S. Jaspal,
Your books in English on Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj were the turning point in my life. Every thing changed after that. Your books are a gift to the human race for the whole age of Kaliyuga. We sincerely request you to allow us your darshan at Chandigarh. I look forward to having a glimpse of you as you have been blessed with the darshans/sangat of Baba Maha Harnam Singh Ji Maharaj and Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj.” - Indarpal Singh, Gujrat, INDIA
“The spiritual teachings of Baba Nand Singh Sahib really touched deep down my heart. Kindly carry on with this noble zeal by adding new materials.” - A. K. Medhi, India “I have no words to express myself. All I can say is, this is Nanaksar Thaath on the web. It is Maansrovar on the net, in which thousands of crows will take a bath and turn into swans. Baba Nand Singh Ji Tu Sabhni Thaee. You are great O Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. This site is Rosary of Thousand Kohinoors. On the behalf of all the Sangis, I would like to thank you for setting up this site on our Great Baba Ji.” - Amandeep, SINGAPORE
“I’m from Mexico, I’m catholic, I was doing a research about your religion when I came to your site, your music and your videos brought immense peace in my heart and tears of joy. I just wish I knew your language to continue my soul growing. Thank you for bringing beauty in life. Peace and Love for ever.” - a Catholic from Mexico “With great sincerity I enjoyed so much your beautiful website, I would like to be initiated… I am in New York city and I am ready to travel anywhere. I particularly love the portrait of Baba Ji with the kindest eyes.” - Sophia, USA

Thank you for the warm wishes for Baisakhi.
You are doing a great job. Please keep it up. It gives us a very nice feeling that at long last our beautiful religion is spreading and it also strengthens our own beliefs in our culture.

Thank you once again.
- Raj Madan, India

Dear, Avtar Singh,
I have been very grateful to you and was waiting since so long to thank you by heart. I
enjoy all videos you send me. I enjoy listening to it. It gives me lot of peace. Its a request from our side please in the future also keep sending me all the videos which will be released. Thank you so much.

This great deed you are doing for all Guru lovers, Guru Nanak will bless you and i know he has already blessed you by choosing you to send the messages of Gurus through you to everybody, Wish me good luck too.

Jo bole so nihaal, sat sriya kaal.
- neha khemnani, India

“Guru Roop Khalsa Ji,
Thohadi Banai Hoi Videos Bahut Hi Vadia Si
May Waheguru give us strength to walk on our gurus steps and promote our culture the way our gurus want. Thanks a lot for sending me e-mail.
Also I don't have words to express my feelings but thanks.
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh” - Baba Bidhi Chand Dal Khalsa, HONG KONG
“Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
Dearest Brigadier Partap Singh Ji,
I thank you for making this site... It is one of the most wonderful gifts a sikh can receive in his life. Please also bless me that I may be immersed at the Holy Feet of his glorious baba nand singh sahib ji maharaj like your father and you.
Thanks and Regards,” - Simranjeet Singh, INDIA
“Dear Gurmukhon, This is by far the most beautiful site i have ever come across in my entire life.” - Manmeet Dhody, India “Your website is mind-blowing. I stay in Hong Kong where we only have one Gurdwara and don’t have many activities. However, I am impressed by the words and voice and the way of delivering the message of Sikhism used here.” - Catherine Johal, Hong Kong
““I have just looked at your site and am so impressed I have edited the front page of the Sikhism site to add an appropriate link. Best wishes.” - Simon Hughes, Tutor, PGCE(S) RE,
Canterbury Christ Church University College, UK
“Rev Brig Pratap Singh Ji, My name is Madhur Krishan Dhingra. I have regularly been watching your TV programmes for some time now. In no words can I write the joy that I have received hearing gurbani and your discourses… there is a desire in me to be associated with you and also to start doing selfless service.” - Madhur Krishan Dhingra, India
“This is an excellent website and I'm writing again to thank you for it. I still can not believe I was lucky enough to find such a wonderful site on the internet. - Hardeep Lidder, British Columbia, Canada “Your team has assembled the BEST content I've been able to locate to-date relating to this subject. You deserve the greatest praise and the sincerest best wishes of our entire community. Good luck to all of you, and THANK YOU for all your efforts.” - Jatinder Singh, USA
“We must say, it’s the sewa for Guru Sahib what you are doing on the internet. Please keep it up. We are really thankful to you, who are doing such a spiritual job, Guru Ghar Aap Sab Mein Samaya. Every body will get Guru Darbar through this site.
Thanks.” - A. Babbar, India
“I’m planning to come to Punjab for initiation… I was on my death bed last year, promised God to get initiated if he made me well enough to travel. He did more than I could ever imagine. It would be a dream fulfilled to sit at your feet… God Bless.” - Israel Brenner, USA
“I was really overwhlemed while visiting the site of the holy Guru Granth Sahib. I will surely spread the word around and I also offer myself for any help needed by your sadh sangat.” - Ranjit Kaur, Delhi “Thanks for hosting such a valuable site. It is a sincere tribute to His Holiness Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. It is a great effort on your part. Keep it up.In the end I would like to say : ‘Baba Nand Singh Ji Tere Jai hove, sab devte phul varsaunde ji teri jai hove’. ” - Bikramjit Singh Sidhu, Patiala
“This is an amazing site that you have built. Thanks for providing this wonderful resource.” - Rashid Sultan “Through this site you have given us so much prakash of Baba Ji. I am very very thankful to you, like I have got heaven on this earth by having knowledge of your this site.
Thanks once again.” - Rita, India
“This is a holyistic site I have ever seen on net. You people are doing great work. You will be blessed by Akal Purukh.” - Birender Pal Singh “Thank you for this beautiful website. Man Poora Guru Naal Jud Jaanda Hai. I am really grateful.” - Manjeet Singh, UK
“I would just like to say how wonderful I think your website is. I have learnt and appreciated more from reading this then I have done previously from going to the gurudwara.” - Jasveer Manku, USA “This is truely an incredible website. I don't have apropriate words to praise my lord who has given the sense to produce such an incredible sight. gur fateh.” - Sukhdev Singh Pandher, Canada
“I frequently search the internet about Babaji, I was doing the same this morning I saw your site about Babaji what a great effort by you. I read the books about your esteemed father. What a great disciple and great great sevak of His Holiness, of His Master. When I was reading one of your books I was in tears. What a great man your father was.” - Sukhdeep Reen, Cleveland, USA “A very large and inspirational site which does not fail to capture any of the greatness of Baba Nand Singh Maharaj...I will soon be opening my own website and this is one site which will definetly be linked and promoted as much as my site will allow. Your seva is true and without greed which pleases me greatly. May your site continue in this way for as long as long can be.” - Gurpreet Sahota, UK

Best Regards,
Guru Nanak Daata Baksh Lai Mission,
Chandigarh, India.


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